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Terms & Conditions


  General rules for the provision of services (hereinafter - the "Rules") apply to all services provided by "Noyan Tour" LLC (hereinafter - the "Company").

  The rules are legally binding for both the Company and for the person using the services of the Company (hereinafter - the "Customer").

  In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia confirmation made by the Client of these Terms is a prerequisite of a contract for services.

  The basic service agreement between the Company and the Client (hereinafter - the "Basic Agreement") is made  within 1 /one/ day after the arrival of the Client to the Republic of Armenia.


 When selecting the appropriate type of service the Customer agrees to complete the order form that is set  on the site with the full list of services ordered and accurate information about himself.

 By receipt of the Order, the Company within 48 hours should contact the Customer by email, phone number or any other form of communication, indicated by the Client, and to inform the latter about the availability and performance of the rules as contained in the order of services. For  final confirmation of the Order  the  Company sends a letter of commitment, approval of which is a confirmation of acceptance by the Client specified in the order and conditions of service.


 The client must notify the Company of any changes in the confirmed order or refusal of him from the day of service before 30 / thirty / days - with a collective order, before 10 / ten / days - when an individual order. Collective order is submitted by the Company from one person to provide simultaneously the same services within a single order  to group of  7 /seven/ person.

For  the collective order  Customer shall pay an advance payment of 30% of the total order value during 3 /three/ days after confirmation of the Order, and in case the group consisting of 7 or more people, - 50% of the total order value.

 In the case of non-payment of the prepayment in  time, Customer shall pay a penalty, 1% of the total cost of services for each overdue day.

 If the Customer does not notify the Company of changes in the order or its cancellation in due time ( 5 days before arrival) , obliged to pay a penalty  in the amount of the total cost of the Order. If the prepayment is made, the Company may not return it.

After confirmation of the Order Customer must sign a basic agreement with the Company, which in addition to these Rules must also contain rules on the long term services, as well as a list of services provided by the Company.


 In accordance with these Rules and the Basic Agreement The Company is obliged to provide quality and timely mandated responsibilities.

 Promptly inform the client about changes of the terms of service by posting the changes on this site and /or send information via e-mails, specified by the Client.

 In case of absence of any type of service, mentioned  in the Order, the Company may offer an alternative to the Client of such services. Upon receipt of an alternative client must notify the Company of its choice within 5 /five/ days. If the Customer does not notify the Company within a specified time, the order is invalid, and the Company assumes no responsibility for its failure.

In case that the company can not provide a service or part of it, due to circumstances arising not by his fault, is obliged promptly notify the customer by offering the latter a similar service delivery options. If it is unable to reach agreement with the Customer, the Order shall consider as invalid  and the deposit, if any was made, shall be fully refunded.


 Parties are not responsible for the complete or partial failure to perform obligations if that failure was a result of force majeure (earthquake, flood, fire, acts of terrorism, military action of any kind).


 Data and information gained from the Parties in carrying out their duties, shall be considered confidential and shall not be communicated to third parties or used without the express written consent of the other Party.

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